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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

EPH 5:11:


If you don’t get it, here’s why:1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit.

It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

Age of Deception

Dr. James Cantor says in

documentary pedophilia is

a sexual orientation and

pedophiles are born that way.

What Dr Cantor said Nov 2015 after the screening of film Daniels World is alarming.

The following is what was said to an audience.

A man which I did not get his name was accompanied on stage with Dr James Cantor

The man said

Show the film to James Cantor to provide some sort of clinical context ,

institutional context to get an idea to where it stands in Canada

Dr Cantor was immediately receptive to the film and very enthusiastic about it's existence

Can you tell us why this film made such an impression on you James

Dr Cantor replied

I think probably because I've worked with so many of these people. (ref to pedophiles)

For anybody who doesn't know I'm openly gay.

It is kind of strange to say this cause of course I have to draw my big thick black line separating plain vanilla healthy homosexuality from pedophilia just to get away from the stereotype

But it makes perfect sense to anybody who's gay that I did not ask to be into what I'm into I just kind of am

You know which you know most people just take for granted

So I'm in a very real sense I am lucky that I can do what my brain is telling me what to do and a pedophile can't

so I just kind of had this natural bare but by the grace of God go I that I'm eccentric a little out of the ordinary that I can easily lead a perfect happy and fulfilling life but these people have absolutely nothing going for them

They can't tell their families they can't tell their friends It is the deepest darkest little corner of our closet

And if we can conquer THIS ONE all the other sexual eccentricities are a piece of cake

So to me this is the lynch pin

And if we can CONQUER THIS ONE we can conquer anything

My response to this is I am horrified to learn of the agenda.

A survivor of sex crimes (rape and molestation) when I was a child (7 years old) I am disgusted,troubled and deeply saddened.

It confirms end days are here and the battle between good and evil is more then spiritual it is in physical world.

Too many have turned away from God "Jesus Christ" savior of the world.

God save us from this wicked world. Repent and turn your will to Jesus now before its too late.

I received a reply to a CBC protest video re airing of " I Pedophile"

Here is message sent to me.

Your ignorance is astounding. First, any scientist, sexologist or psychiatrist will tell you—as Freud well said already many decades ago—that children are indeed sexual from birth. No amount of you denying it or hiding your head in the sand because it makes you uncomfortable is going to change that. I recommend that you take a look at this paper on the sexual development of children. where it states that "Like all forms of human development, sexual development begins at birth." I found this as the first result on a simple Google search. Try to educate yourself a little before you make yourself sound like a fool. However, even if indeed children were completely and 100% asexual (which would beg the question: until what age, exactly?), it would have absolutely no bearing on whether pedophilia is a sexual orientation or not. A sexual orientation is defined by what kind of people an individual is sexually attracted to, not on whether the objects of attraction have any awareness of sexuality or not. Pedophiles do not wake up one morning and decide to be sexually attracted to children. Pedophiles discover that they are sexually attracted to children basically at the same time that all other individuals discover what attracts them sexually, which is typically around the onset of puberty. Pedophiles cannot stop being sexually attracted to children any more than heterosexuals can stop being attracted to the opposite gender or homosexuals can stop being attracted to the same gender. Therefore, if it is something unchosen, discovered around the onset of puberty, stable (unchangeable) over time, and it determines the categories of people one is sexually attracted to, it meets all the criteria for it to be called sexual orientation.

If it waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck...

View PDF sent to me

My reply to above comment is It appears I am rattling cages and I must take precautions of what we are up against.

Another comment on a post where I posted link to protest on CBC website page is as follows.

I said Dr Cantor says its a sexual orientation and they are born that way.

That's not true children are NOT sexual from birth

We stood up for children see news they did not report on yt

This is the reply I got

Actually, children are sexual from BEFORE birth.

The only reason nations with abrahamic religions are alienated from sex,

is because of the unnatural and inhumane belief in original sin.

Dr Cantor takes on Kinsey ideology making public statements that pedophilia

is a sexual orientation and pedophiles are born that way.

Discover what the connection is Rockefeller funded Alfred Kinsey Institute now

Dr Cantor has correspondence linking to K. Rockefeller. View PDF

Early release of convicted sex offenders.

MAP (minor attracted persons) and intergenerational articles.

Pedophilia the next letter to LGBTQ_P 

So called "truthers" and "pedo hunters"

May all be part of the grand scheme.

As scripture warns, trust no man only God.

The idea of pedophilia is a sexual orientation and pedophiles are born that way is gaining support.

To suggest this is to accept the idea children sexual from birth. It is false see Dr Kinsey book titled

"Sexual behavior in the human male" page 180 Children at table 34

(Google images reveals disturbing Kinsey chart table 34 sex experiments on children)

Kinsey Institute now has an app online telling users to become scientist by reporting sex acts.

For what purpose does anyone need to collect such data? sic

New movie titled "Gayby"

Documentary has children parented by same sex parents.

Is this the future for children ?

Laws have been amended and new laws are always in process.

ie birth certificate for same sex parents.

GLBT next to add P defend their behaviors claiming to be born this way.

Dr Kinsey ideology now Dr Cantor ideology" pedophiles are born that way" call it a sexual orientation,

They even say they have no agenda but when we review the RSLevinson website we become even more aware.

Review list of objectives at RSLevinson website.

Concerning #7 State level Repealing all laws governing age of consent.

Will they release pedophiles (see RSLEVINSON #8 Federal level objectives also see DSO alert tab)

PDF of "After the ball " agenda to normalize and gain acceptance GLBT

Read more

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