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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Dating Dangers

POF an online dating site has been in news articles but not in good way when it involves murder crimes.

Child victim Victoria Stafford's killer allegedly had a profile on POF

Google search POF murders or Online dating dangers

If you pick up something not right act on your instincts your instincts are usually accurate.

Never allow a stranger to go to your residents even if they are charming and have a persona you desire.

It takes time to know a person so take all the time you need don't rush into anything Be safe 

Dating stories turned deadly.

Meeting someone for the first time should be a public place where there are people who could assist you if need be.

Mark Twitchell a member on POF dating site created a fake female profile to lure and murder men.more

Beautiful nurse is found murdered Cops suspect she met her killer online dating site POF  Read article

Micheal Rafferty convicted child killer allegedly had profile on POF (Plenty of Fish) dating website

Read more

Woman murdered by man she dated POF dating site more

Men have access to dating sites from prisons. Some convicted 1st degree murders.

Online dating can be dangerous. There are certain risks.