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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Aug 14th 2015 is a day many wicked things to occur.

1 - Orgy for disabled

2- Release of film titled Teen Lust with satanic references

This movie is promoted as comedy.

Why ?

Simply put, it is easy to promote as comedy and laughing is what Satan will surely do.

 In Toronto Ontario Canada there will be an event called " Deliciously Disabled "

This event is for disabled to have sex Some news articles have called it an orgy.

It has been reported allege the gov funds this event.

Promoted by a man Brent Frazer who paints with his penis

This man is not disabled but uses his penis to promote event for disabled

Brent Frazer is his name and his promo page can be found at / 129582615

An excuse for breaking down barriers Moral barriers

What better way to advance an agenda then to use sympathy for disabled ?

Sex for disabled

This event is associated with Oasis Aqua Lounge a place for BDSM and

other sexual activities.

Brent Frazer (not disabled) promotes this event . Paints with his penis

Anything wrong with that ?

"Do what Thy wilt shall be the whole of the law"

Aleister Crowley .......known as Worlds most wickedest man.

Wikipedia Thelema

Exposing ruse used comedy to mock

and ridicule age of consent laws.

The gov funded the Toronto Zombie walk with pictures on their website featuring gore,blood even a simulated baby being bitten in the neck is enough to leave you feeling sick that this event is held with taxpayers funding See here

o regulations on entertainers who have access to children , elderly and vulnerable and home in communities

Ask yourself is this not a matter of public safety ? Entertainers are self employed

Criminal cases are over a hundred thirty in those I have discovered.

There are no reasons to NOT regulate so why is there no regulations ?

In a TNT website display fetish event a photo of a naked Batman wearing the headpiece and cape of Batman

link to their website is / church- street- fetish -fair

Be fore warned nudity there but you can see Batman outside naked

New tv show glamorizes "Lucifer"

Trailer on you / watch?v=X4bF_quwNtw

Over the years we heard about many cases of sex crimes committed on children by Catholic

Recently in the news we heard the admission of government confirming the deaths of indigenous children in residential boarding schools facilitated by Catholic institutions.

So why now are they trying to portray themselves as representatives of child victims ?

When anyone shall cause harm /crime to a child they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law however as proven some have special protection from prosecution and are exempt WHY?

Over the years of research there have been stories of child victims of sex crimes and the same who perpetrate

want to appear as to be against what they themselves have been associate with.

If one researches Catholic organizations publishing stories on website one need only reflect and

critical think can there be more to this?

Kinsey agenda has promoted children as being sexual from birth ref 1948 book "Sexual behavior in the human male "

Why do they even write about children confused about gender and parents accepting the child's idea ?

Some people have said the Pope is the anti Christ ?

You the reader decide for yourself

Here a video from Vatican mass cantor sings to Lucifer

At a Catholic mass

"Holy Mass with the imposition of the Pallium 2015.06.29"

video on / watch?v=ZSH_U_cn1nc

Notice some interesting points in video

Notice dark colored statue and

at 3:07 upside down cross

4:17 hand on chest

13:40 dragon on a staff

*Watch carefully slow motion

hand gesture at *49:37

The following pictures are screenshots from the video

Upside down cross

Hand gesture

Dragon staff

Dark color deity with 2 fingers

Pope Francis staff with staff

Christ legs are bent

Sunburst on ceiling

Upside down cross left

Pope & ? holds dragon staff

REV 13.4

Bugs decor near altar

Bug decor

A Catholic org with statues of a woman deity (Mary) with daggers in her heart.

Vatican sells on ebay relics speck of nail used in crucification of Christ 4,000.00 dollars

Promoting movie "Triumph" handing out envelopes offering pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

Do Music bands named Lucifer and Ghost both appear to promote devil worship?

Baphomet unveiled at church of Satan