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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Pedophilia as sexual orientation? Removing age of consent ?

Pedophiles want to rid themselves of the stigma from the name "pedophile" cleverly changed it to

MAP = Minor Attracted Persons

Film documentary titled "Daniel's World"

Film screening of "Daniel's world" what I heard is unsettling.

There is a group of pedophiles online website called Virtuous Pedophiles.

There will be more films to gain sympathy and support and

introduce pedophiles coming out with Gay Pride parade (as seen in film)

Quoted by several individuals in the showing of film that pedophilia is a sexual orientation..

Is there an agenda to normalize pedophilia? Doubt it not.

Please read what was said by Dr James Cantor from CAMH head of mental health.

A man which I did not get his name was accompanied on stage with Dr James Cantor (mental health CAMH)
the man said
Show the film to James Cantor to provide some sort of clinical context , institutional context to get an idea to where it stands in Canada
Dr Cantor was immediately receptive to the film and very enthusiastic about it's existence.
Can you tell us why this film made such an impression on you James. 

Dr Cantor replied the following:

I think probably because I've worked with so many of these people {Cantor refers pedophiles as these people}

For anybody who doesn't know I'm openly gay.

It is kind of strange to say this cause of course I have to draw my big thick black line separating plain vanilla healthy homosexuality from pedophilia just to get away from the stereotype.

But it makes perfect sense to anybody who's gay, that I did not ask to be into what I'm into, I just kind of am you know,

which you know most people just take for granted.

So I'm in a very real sense I am lucky that I can do what my brain is telling me what to do and a pedophile can't.

So I just kind of had this natural (word inaudible maybe "there" ) but by the grace of God go I that I'm eccentric a little out of the ordinary that I can easily lead a perfectly happy and fulfilling life but these people have absolutely nothing going for them.

They can't tell their families, they can't tell their friends, It is the deepest darkest little corner of our closet {our?}

And if we can conquer THIS ONE all the other sexual eccentricities are a piece of cake

So to me this is the lynch pin

And if we can conquer THIS ONE we can conquer anything .

The three last lines are extremely concerning.

Isn't it easy to conclude that there may very well be a sinister agenda in the works ?

B4UACT org write up on film Daniel's World. read more click here

Paul Christiano, administrative assistant and board member for B4U-ACT allegedly takes his life read more click here 

Daniel's world film director info here

More info click here 

Are pedophiles portrayed as victims?

One film is Pervert Park. (find it on youtube)

Film Are all men pedophiles ? (find on youtube)

While no one is watching (youtube)

Wikipedia has lot's of info Go there

This logo is on YouTube They have a video that promotes

the legalization of sex with children. This is horrible reality.

We must post reminders of how child sexual abuse is a crime

before they make it legal this is very important.

A link was sent to me revealing something that horrifies me.

It states it was from a convention in Chicago back in 1972

The objectives are beyond creepy it is offensive to victims and incomprehensible to see a future where children were being sexually assaulted while the law defined it as consentual.

This is the link sent to me by someone I do not know for you to conclude is this for real or not ? click here

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Are they saying sex abuse, sex crimes victim less of a crime?

Why is an organization called "A Survivor not a victim ?

Imagine if it were possible to turn sex crimes into a victim less crime.

We cannot dismiss the impact being a victim has done.

My response

Will they make it a victim less crime?

STOP it. Survivors are victims. Trauma last a lifetime.

New after school curriculum called " After School Satan " Yes you heard right.

See screen shot for registration of the website and read site proclaiming to be Satanic Temple's extracurricular program.

After School Satan dot com domain name created July 5th 2016

Website link HERE