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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Prayers for these difficult times

Open Prayer - Listen click here

Heavenly father we pray to open our ears and give us strength to hear the atrocities so we may find ways to alleviate pain and suffering, for all of humanity. We draw near to you Lord in prayer in these difficult times we ask for peace guidance discernment, strength and an open heart. Praise be to God almighty. Amen 

Close Prayer - Listen click here

I thank you God for the strength and courage you provided us to listen and hear.

We praise you for your guidance, we are lost without you.

We pray for your guidance as how and what to do?

With little time we have on this earth. We give you glory to you Lord Jesus Christ, for man was given free will to choose

between good and evil. Man blames God for wickedness, man chose to sin.

We pray for forgiveness, renewed minds and pure hearts in your name Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings.

Thank you for all blessings God and thank you for this time we share.Amen