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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Red nose Day promoted by media as a new non profits campaign.

Burning man event has promoted for several years already "Why wear a Red nose"?

Are there hidden secrets in plain site?

Does red nose on statue of liberty and at burning man events hint masonic connection?

Liberty is a serious issue and no laughing matter. Why would there be a red nose on statue image?

Is liberty being mocked ?

Will our freedoms and rights be discarded?

Are laws removing our last rights and freedoms ?

Who is promoting these laws and why?

Looking at this website is interesting.

See you tube for burning man red nose videos

My opinion on red nose day is Satan's reaction to proposed law requiring criminal records check on clowns and entertainers.

How I perceive this is Lucifer boastfully saying see everyone can be a clown to access children.