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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Petition to license entertainers with criminal record checks. Sign here

Serial killer Bruce McArthur as Santa Claus at the Agincourt mall

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy aka "Pogo the clown"

Similarities in the Bruce McArthur case and John Wayne Gacy

McArthur used windlass - rope and metal bar to murder his victims

Gacy used rope and stick as a tourniquet to murder his victims.

McArthur was a mall Santa Claus had a conviction for violent crime prior to position as Santa Claus all the while he was a serial killer.

Gacy was Pogo the clown and had a conviction for sex crime prior to his clowning.

McArthur and Gacy were self employed

Gacy company was PDM defined as Painting, Decorating and Maintenance.

McArthur had a landscaping business.

McArthur and Gacy victims were male.

Gacy lured his young victims with promises of employment.

McArthur and Gacy used handcuffs on their victims.

McArthur and Gacy burried their victims.

Gacy burried his victims under his house.

McArthur burried his victims in planter pots.

At College Park court standing for public safety to urge regulations mandatory criminal record checks / vulnerable sector checks on entertainers like clowns, Santa Claus , magicians and other entertainers who have access to children, elderly, the vulnerable and have access to homes in communities.

Detective Hank Idsinga outside court 361 University Ave

in Toronto for sentencing of serial killer Bruce McArthur.

February 8th 2019