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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

PDF School curriculum Challenging Homophobia and heterosexism:

A K-12 curriculum resource guide Click the image to view TDSB school sex ed curriculum

NOTE PAGE 23 Acknowledges Alfred Kinsey as a Significant contributor

Alfred Kinsey seen in picture with Kenneth Anger at Aleisiter Crowley Abey Thelema

Watch video Kenneth Anger co founder church of Satan @ Abey Thelema with Alfred Kinsey

United Nations approves Kinsey Institute for consultative status.

Video on Youtube "The Kinsey Institute at the UN"

DrJudith Reisman dot com website research regarding Alfred Kinsey and children at table 34

Kinsey Institute awards Michael Brohman people's choice award for exhibit "Labor intensive" at

the Kinsey 2013 Juried Art show . Exhibit is extremely offensive, vulgar and disturbing.