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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

In Toronto

Oasis Aqua Lounge

You tube video reveals what

Oasis Aqua lounge provide clients.

This is the

Perverted society we live in.

BDSM devices & fixtures.

Peep holes for voyeurism.

Shagging wagon

Do you know what the origins of symbols on the wall?

Two : The movie release of "Teen Lust" Story line is about satanic cult and losing virginity.

Does movie condone minor under age teen sex?

Promoted as "A comedy "?

John Dori is one of the names credited to film. Read blog to learn more.

Candy for sale package picture Marijuana

The candy will not get kids high but portrays cool image as effective marketing as candy cigarettes were.

A book titled "Queen James gay bible"

Website called Dress Up Jesus dot com with BDSM

Baby Jesus sex toys?

divine - interventons dot com

YouTube channel called "GayGod

GayChurch dot org is a directory for churches

Christian Sex store ?

Homeless sleep on sidewalk in freezing weather

while people walk on by :(

Sales clerk sweatshirt message

Picture taken of a sales person 

Adverticing picture taken by LB

Truck advertises with provocative picture

Adverticing picture taken

Religious woman at bus stop beside provocative picture.

Billboard advertises Sex show with naked dolls

"Playtime was never this fun"

Billboard advertises - Add sexy to your home ?

Adverticing picture

Billboard on highway "Kinky Boots"

a musical play

Family event Macys Thanksgiving parade performance of Kinky Boots

Parents upset men dressed as women

in call girl style attire at parade

Click this link

Tattoo shop sign has 666 in letters

Girl poster has tattoo cross on forehead

Photo taken by me @ QEW inToronto

Men paint with their penis

From the table of Subway is the postcard flyer

SUBWAY promo advertising with the devil's symbol

Any wonder spokesperson Jared Fogle in news

GHOST music group promotes dark side LUCIFER

Notice the guitar has arrow pointing upward and downward

This has significance 

Bus has this satanic adverticing

You can see a Satanic star on the arm

Taken at Spadina and Queen st Toronto Jan 18th 2016

This back pack is for sale

Is this not the symbol of Baphomet ?

Table at library Is this masonic mark Black / white ?