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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

What you should know...

REF   -

Curly boy murdered investigation reveals NAMBLA encouraged pedophiles to work as department store Santa Claus Read article

The court document revealed the real need for regulations and perhaps a laws to prevent children from sitting on strangers laps regardless if they have a criminal record or not at this point.

REF   -

Court doc article online for approx 10 years until I posted link showing the need for regulations

Mandatory criminal records check is needed with many cases of convicted criminals / sex crimes 

The video from America Now News vanished

Toronto Zombie walk promotes satanic gore. Picture of man with realistic baby with blood and portrayed as biting neck See pic

The website states previous funding by province of Ontario. Yours to discover ?

The website shows connection to Cloven Path Ministries.

An article in the Toronto Star shows picture of unnamed tourist yet you tube channel Cloven Path ministries shows related video.

So what is going on?

Doug Ford , Dave Mckay a clown (Sketchy) who may be a police officer, Chris Doyle aka Mysterion the mind reader and Cloven Path ministries all in a video.